Why us?

Why choosing Elena Vlasyuk

Why choosing Elena Vlasyuk

Both newcomers and professional investors know that the first rule of the successful commercial real estate investment is finding the right commercial real estate broker. The professional broker guaranties the 70% of the profitable investment and increases the chances of finding the right property.

The professional broker will help you to choose a property that actually has the potential to be a successful investment and not a money pit. Obviously there is no secret for everyone that it is highly important to find a good broker, but does everyone know what qualities should the broker possess?

Therefore, let’s review the main characteristics every respectful commercial real estate broker should have:


This is probably one the top priority quality that you should look for in the broker. A person obviously cannot conduct the business with someone who is not honest with you in 100%. A broker should provide you with real facts, without hiding even the most unpleasant information. A broker needs to be upfront and transparent in all that he/she does.


This quality concerns all of the spheres, and commercial real estate broker is not an exception. He/she needs to be passionate about the job he/she is doing. The successful agents do not act like they are worn out and beaten down by the industry. Yes, the commercial business could be a harsh one, but enthusiasm is what really counts. Such broker is always able to attract more clients and make them as loyal clients.

Negotiation Skills

Ultimately no one wants to pay more for a property than they have to.  This is why it is so important to have someone who knows how far to push and how to negotiate.  Elena is shark with excellent finesse.

Trusting someone to find you a commercial investment property is much easier to do when the broker is as qualified and knowledgeable as Elena is.

No Fear of the Risk

Yes, people are saying that sometimes the risk we undertake is not always justified, but when dealing with commercial property we mean the calculated risk.

“It is a good time to buy and improve assets

The successful commercial broker can’t simply take a back seat and wait for the opportunity to come. When looking for the profitable commercial project a broker needs to step out in faith and embrace the risk.


Where could we possibly move without the determination and persistency? Successful real estate agent must shake away all of the fears, and move straightforward to the set goal. The word rejection should be crossed out of the agent’s list. If you hear denying words from your agent quite often, than you should probably change the location.

Los Angeles commercial property

Los Angeles commercial property


This quality should not be spoken, but demonstrated in the actions of the broker. Most of the time, people are looking for the real estate agent who will put the client’s interest above his/her own, and will not offer the commercial property that would be only profitable for him/her because of the high commission. The agent should represent the client, not himself/herself.

Knowledge of the City

Considering the slogan of the industry is “location, location, location,” it’s safe to say that your property needs to be in the right location to be a good investment.  But because the investment is to come to fruition in the future and not in the present, a broker needs to be able to know how a neighborhood will grow and prosper or atrophy.

The only way to know what’s going to happen to a neighborhood in the future is to have vast knowledge of the city.

LA beach

LA beach


The core of commercial real estate investments is finance.  Unlike buying a home, commercial properties are bought specifically to make money, and Elena understands this and excels at the process of finding the right property.

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Technically Savvy

Considering the nowadays technological development, the commercial real estate broker should be savvy with technology, has a strong website, and understand such search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Most of the consumers begin the commercial property research in their homes – online. Elena’s knowledge in this specific field is undoubtedly wide, and she does not stop here, trying to keep up with the latest technological innovations in the commercial property field.

And for the desert…

Elena could definitely show all of these qualities and demonstrate her passion for what she is doing, the honesty with a client, she knows that sometimes risk is the best measure to close the successful deal, and her integrity and persistency will leave you without any doubts.

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However, even the greatest commercial real estate agent might not get you the first project you put an offer on, but it is important to make sure that an agent is working hard for you and thinks outside the box. That’s why Elena Vlasyuk could be the right commercial real estate broker you have been looking for.