The Best Los Angeles Regions for Purchasing the High Rank Houses

November 7th, 2013 by Diane Moore

Los Angeles has about 10 million people that call it a home. It boasts around 70 miles of sandy beaches, around 4,000 square miles of land and approximately 1,000 square miles of water. Los Angeles is a very large diverse city with so many great regions to select.

The Best Los Angeles Regions for Purchasing the High Rank Houses

The Best Los Angeles Regions for Purchasing the High Rank Houses

Commercial real estate investors in Los Angeles can choose to live in one of the canyons (Malibu Canyon, Benedict Canyon) decide to live at one of the many beachside neighborhoods (Santa Monica Beach, Manhattan Beach, and Malibu Beach) or even live in a high rise Downtown Los Angeles where there has been much new development over the last few years or live in the Wilshire Corridor close to century City and Beverly Hills.


Best Places to Buy Luxurious Homes in Los Angeles


  • Hollywood Hills


One of the best places to buy a luxurious house in LA is Hollywood Hills as the houses here are contemporary, architectural wonders. Hollywood Hills luxury homes contain everything you would ever wish as they contain large, sprawling compounds that contain solid, glass and steel fittings. Therefore, irrespective of whether you have 4 or even 6 cars, you can be certain that the compound would be big enough to house all of them. Most of these houses have entertainment cabinets and very high ceilings.


When you pick a house in Hollywood Hills, you are sure that you’ll be provided a luxurious house that can meet everything that you have ever dreamed about. These are gyms, dining rooms, dens, halls, living rooms, office, saunas, sound recording studios, family areas, libraries and even a foyer area to welcome visitors. Combining these facilities with a full-size swimming pool and you know for sure that a house in Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles County is meant for you.


  • Beverly Hills


Beverly Hills is known all over the world by its main zip code 90210. Beverly Hills is one of the most exclusive, prestigious, and luxurious cities in the Unites States. The commercial real estate in Beverly Hills is a clear reflection of the success of the city, with some of the most majestic estates and homes you will ever see framed between the renowned California Palm trees.


The luxurious houses in Beverly Hills are a symbol of architectural perfection, and the city offers a commerce neighborhood that showcases the best restaurants, businesses, shops, and hotels along streets for example the prominent Rodeo Drive. It’s no surprise that all of the entertainment and finance tycoons in Los Angeles have chosen to live in Beverly Hills, as Beverly Hills’ location gives them an address that reflects their success and puts them close to the business centers.



Beverly Hills commercial real estate has grow to be one of the most sought after properties, and has catapulted the real estate market to become one of the most luxurious housing markets in the entire Los Angeles. You will find all manner of luxurious properties here, from expansive estates, gated estates homes to smaller condominiums.


Beverly Hills is generally friendly for families and offers an interesting way of life for people of all ages. Culturally, Beverly Hills has great offerings in the way of museums, theaters, symphony, opera, and ballet. The city also has one of the best school systems in Los Angeles, and there are many universities conveniently close by.


  • Pacific Palisades


The commercial real estate in Pacific Palisades lives within an area of natural beauty, its prime location provides panoramic ocean and city views from its perch on the hills. With the Brentwood to the east, Santa Monica Mountains to the north, Bay to the southwest, Santa Monica to the southeast, and Malibu to the west, there is no shortage of facilities for residents, and the Pacific Palisades village is also a source of restaurants, shopping, and business.


Pacific Palisade commercial real estate continues to expand, with new buildings being built higher and higher up canyons. Older houses at a lower height still offer priceless views of the ocean and mountains, and it’s possible to find newly renovated condominium and homes conversions.


  • Santa Monica


Santa Monica is a politically active community with a fiercely autonomous city council. Santa Monica has a history of having some of the strictest rent controls rules in Los Angeles. Santa Monica’s schools offer quality education as they have their own school system. Santa Monica also administers its own governmental infrastructure and public transportation. The city is bordered on the east by West Los Angeles, on the north by Pacific Palisades, on the West by Santa Monica Bay, and on the south by Venice.


  • Brentwood


The Los Angeles neighborhood of Brentwood, California can be a place for you, if you have ever dreamed of living among the rich and famous. Here you can drive within minutes to Mulholland Drive or star-studded Wilshire Boulevard and wake up to the beautiful views of the Santa Monica Mountains. Brentwood commercial real estate has served as home for the likes of Clark Cable, Nat King Cole, Judy Garland, and Marilyn Monroe. Today you’ll find big names such as Naomi Watts and Steven Spielberg living in Brentwood.


Luxury houses in Brentwood come with spacious living areas and widespread gardens that are ideal for active children. Brentwood is a home to some of the best public and private schools.


  • Malibu


With an estimated population of only 16,000, Malibu is a self contained community with priceless amenities like movie theaters, shops, parks, schools, and yes, the beach.


Malibu offers a wide range of commercial real estate, from lavish mountaintop and beachfront estates to modest, canyon homes. Property prices are typically distinguished by position on the landside or the beachside. Landside houses are found mainly in Malibu’s winding mountain roads and charming canyons. Beachside home prices differ extensively depending on the excellence of the specific beach in terms of width, sand, convenience, and exposure.


Final Thoughts


When it comes to Buying a Los Angeles luxury home, it’s vital that you align yourself with a high professional real estate firm in Los Angeles that can deliver “ideal home” to you. When you decide that you are ready to buy a luxury home within Los Angeles, it’s important that you’re only shown homes within Los Angeles, and its neighborhoods such as Santa Monica, Brentwood, Beverly Hills, Malibu, etc. Elena Vlasyuk could be the ultimate guide through choosing the top commercial real estate objects in Los Angeles, and she will provide you with all the necessary information you might need to know.


Trying to find the perfect high rank house in LA could be a harsh task, especially when you are aimed at the commercial target. This house should include such key factors as location, good observation and view, good infrastructure and security level, nice neighborhood, closeness to the main entertaining centers etc. So you need a broker who will help you out and assist you in making the high ROI commercial real estate investment that you will not regret.



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