The Innovative Architecture means a lot for Commercial Real Estate

October 14th, 2013 by Diane Moore

Commercial real estate is all about taking the right decision. Hence, it is highly important to take them mindfully and consider various commercial real estate factors. Lately, it has become extremely important to be aware of the latest home building tendencies, concepts and design to make the desired high ROI.

The Innovative Architecture means a lot for Commercial Real Estate

The Innovative Architecture means a lot for Commercial Real Estate

Those investors who are keen on differentiating the perspective building designs have more chances to invest in the prosperous commercial properties and not staying behind the commercial real estate market.


For those who haven’t heard of it yet, on October 2nd-4th there was a place for the architecture festival where the most successful and professional architectures have gathered to conquer for the winner of the best building design, already existing and the future one.


There were 29 winners in total, for the various respective categories, but we have outlined the 15 most interesting architecture masterpieces that may be interesting for you from the commercial real estate point of view. Since we have already created our informative commercial real estate map, we thought it could be insightful to read about the potential investments in these regions and see what the architectures have to offer.


1. The winner in the category “The Left-Over-Space House” by Cox Architects, Australia.

This great architectural solution shows what can be done on the piece of “left-over” spaces within inner cities. Most importantly, the architecture has adjoined the recycled Heritage Gall that has been extended into a family house. This house undoubtedly reflects the spirit of the house and the owner’s character.


2. The winner in the housing category “28th Street Apartments” by Koning Eizenberg Architecture, USA.

The history of this outstanding building goes back to the year 1926. This masterpiece has become the LA national landmark, and thanks to the Koning Eizenberg has been revived, by creating the high quality housing with supportive services, for the low-income tenants, including mentally and chronically ill people.


Here are some of the main building features:


  • Slim new steel-and-wood-framed wing with 25 additional studios, for a total of 38,300 square feet.
  • Reconfigured the 52 existing single-room-occupancy units into 24 studio apartments.
  • Solar hot-water system.
  • Electricity-generating 38.7-kilowatt photovoltaic array.


Such house type could be a perfect catch for those investors who are aimed at the commercial real estate for rent.


3. The winner of the office category “Statoil Regional and International Offices” by A-Lab, Norway.

The Statoil name is widely known as an energy producer, which is the 57th largest company in the world. Now this company works in the office with a spectacular view over the adjacent park areas. This building is made of five layers of offices stacked on top of each other.


4. The winner in the category the best Shopping category “Emporia” by Wingardh Arkitektkontor, Sweden.


The initial idea of its design was to hide the inward-looking retail behind a wreath of residential and commercial buildings. The building was created in the most comfortable for the consumers’ way. The curving golden glass stretches across a grids shell structure that allows the daylight to enter the courtyard. From that point, shoppers can go through the various stores of retail and choose what they need. It is highly important to choose the commercial real estate objects, especially those aimed at the retail industry that would be comfortable to navigate.


5.The winner in the Civic & Community category “Women’s Opportunity Centre” by Sharon Davis Design, Rwanda.


This great mini-village creation is aimed at restoring the African heritage, rebuild the social infrastructure and create new economic opportunity for people. This project is mainly aimed at providing women with new opportunities, thus demonstrating farm that helps women to produce and market their own goods. This project has really impressed everyone participating in the competition, since it is a socially, economically and environmentally holistic solution.


As an investor, it is highly important to be socially oriented and really making the right commercial real estate investment into the right sector that would be helpful for many people.


6. The winner in the Villa category “Namly House” by Chang Architects, Singapore.


This house was designed for multi-generation living, without the freedom compromises, taking into account different needs and privacy restrictions. The architecture decided to set the balance by locating rooms at the different levels and using air wells and plants as separators.


It could be called the green house with the usage of light manipulation, material and greenery to fight with the limitations and space issues. Therefore, when choosing the new commercial real estate, think of newer and conventional buildings.


7. The winner in the Health category “Rush University Medical Center New Hospital Tower” by Perkins + Will, USA.


The project was aimed at the wide transformation of the Chicago hospital thus creating:


  • New loading and delivery system.
  • Rectangular six-storey base containing new diagnostic and treatment facilities.
  • Five-story curvilinear bed tower.
  • The geometry of the bed tower maximizes views and natural light for patient rooms.


The architecture has managed to find the innovative solution to a highly complex program, creating the most convenient and comfortable conditions for the patients and visitors.


8. The winner in the Hotel & Leisure category “Citizen M London Bankside” by Concrete, U.K.


The Citizen M has changed the hotel’s aesthetics and has transformed various hotel zones into the emotions bomb. The ground floor is styled to look like the living rooms of the fanatic travel person; every single detail is thought and mixes the elegance with the old basics in collaboration with an outstanding furniture design.


The point is that when you invest in the hotel, every detail is important and cannot be left aside. The commercial real estate broker can help you out with such issues, and help you to make the wise decision.


9. The winner in future projects–Health category “New Sulaibikhat Medical Center” by AGI Architects, Kuwait.


This project stands as a pioneer in the healthcare sector, retaining the privacy and security issues. The high walled fortress is providing people with maximum privacy and the courtyards are carved into the building in the way to allow the natural light come into all clinics. Owing to the specially designed mesh, the penetration of the light amount will be precise, creating the veiled threshold between the exterior and internal courtyard.


10. The winner in the future projects–house category “Mediation house” by MZ architects, LB.


This outstanding and unique Mediation House was specially designed as a place of contemplation and retreat blending into the natural landscape. Nestling the giant fallen rock from the hills, the architect was trying to create the certain dialogue with both nature (horizontally) and God (vertically). This house could definitely be nominated as the runaway place out of the chaotic and business oriented lifestyle. Such architecture type is also sometimes called as “noninvasive”, which means full of spirit and timelessness.


11.The winner in Future Projects–Commercial Mixed Use category “New Office in Central London” by Allford Hall Monaghan Morris, U.K.


The building is aimed at becoming the world-class state of art creating for an art retail and office accommodation. Thanks to the special glassed-roof atrium, the lack of light will be the last thing to be bothered about.


12. The winner in the future projects–Office category “Selcuk Ecza Headquarters” by Tabanlioglu Architects, Turkey.

An architect was aimed at creating the house feeling in the office, mainly according with the traditional Istanbul waterside mansions. The individual “houses” are integrated with each other by means of the roof gardens, upper and lower patios, paths and atriums, and the brown color brings softness to the building thus making it comfy staying inside.


In our opinion it could be a great way to involve people, and making them wanting to stay inside of the building, and simply enjoy the whole process, feeling yourself like at home.


13. The winner in the future projects–Leisure-Led Development “Singapore Sports Hub” by Singapore Sports Hub Design Team, Singapore.


This great architectural solution will be able to fit in a wide range of sporting, entertainment retail and leisure facilities together with easy access to the international airport. It will be located on 35 hectare waterfront site close to the heart of Singapore.


14. The winner in the Future Projects–Residential category “Siamese Blossom” by Somdoon Architects Ltd., Thailand.


The architecture scheme aims to create a living space within greenery and at the same time fixing the common problems of townhouses, which is the lack of natural ventilation and natural light. Therefore, the town houses are arranged in a way to let the narrow elevations gain minimum heat from the sun, and the long elevations entail openings to get the natural ventilation. Thanks to the plant walls and fences situated along the public road, there will be the security and control before accessing the townhouses. The space between the houses makes the shared garden, which by the way is a key for natural cross-ventilation.


15. The winner in the future project–Experimental category “White Collar Factory” by Allford Hall Monaghan Morris, U.K.


The main idea of this office is a smart servicing, flexibility and adaptation to the future changes. This building will have big windows and wide open spaces. The 16 stores tower will be placed at the center of London’s Tech City, with a public realm behind it.


Talking about the general architecture tendencies it could be important to mention about the ongoing “Blobitecture”. Such building trends are kicking into the commercial property market and become more and more popular among the investors choices.


Final Thoughts


Every successful investor values the importance of the information, especially the fresh one. Being aware of the latest tendencies and trends is a crucial step for the profitable investment. We have mentioned the future projects since in our opinion, what’s not well-known today may become extremely famous tomorrow, and you need to be ready for it.


Commercial real estate agent is always ready to help you out with this, by moving aside the curtain of the future, and predicting the commercial property profitability. Thorough market analysis and a bit of luck will do their job!

Diane is a highly-qualified translator of the English, Italian and Spanish languages. She has studied extensively in Italy and Switzerland. She writes about a variety of financial services industries including insurance. She has a love of life and a curiosity that drives her both personally and professionally.

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