The 25 Most Expensive and Profitable Restaurants for Commercial Real Estate

October 21st, 2013 by Diane Moore

Los Angeles county offers one of the most dynamic dining facilities for local residents as well to the tourists that covers almost everything taking from the streets to big 5-star restaurants. Different California cuisine to organic ingredients, dine LA Restaurant Week to food trucks, Los Angeles provides great influence to one of the best culinary service in the whole nation.

 Profitable Restaurants for Commercial Real  Estate

Profitable Restaurants for Commercial Real Estate

Hotels and restaurants are the synonymous for the Los Angeles county. Around $3 billion to $5 billion is spent each year on the tourism and luxury services that hotels provide in LA. The city itself experiences in average around 75% occupancy in hotels. Several standard hotels, and restaurants have provided wide prospects of real estate opportunities in the county. With cheaper hotels to most expensive restaurants, LA has established itself as a global kitchen together with its neighboring cities. Together with the city restaurants, LA’s beach also offers best oceanfront dining in the entire South California.


With several prospect of real estate opportunities in LA, let’s take a look at the top 25 restaurants that are good for commercial real estate opportunities.


1. The Corporate Jack in the Box


The Jack in the Box, Inc. Corporate release is successfully operated for 15 years and is on a 24 hours open location. It is regarded as one of the most expensive restaurants in the county. It is a publicly traded company and operates and franchises in around 21 states. It is located in the densely populated metro of Los Angeles and is signalized with a very good traffic count around the restaurant. It also has a very good sales record. Built in the year 1998, it is spread in around an area of 2,440 square foot and has a cap rate of 4%. This can be regarded as one of the most expensive restaurants for commercial real estate with the mark price of $3,380,000.


2. The WeHo Restaurant


The WeHo restaurant in Los Angeles is a great iconic restaurant. Spread in an area of around 5,000 square foot, it is located in a very well managed residential, retail and commercial area circle which is one of the most sought places in LA. With its price being around $595,000, it has an excellent patio to the stars and provides great upgrades like the wood-burning oven, chef’s kitchen along with a parking facility that is planned on a valet. It can best suit to any commercial business to be done in the Los Angeles county.


3. The Twin Panda Restaurant


This restaurant is supplying the quality needs of customers in Los Angeles for more than 30 years. This restaurant provides a turn-key opportunity that can help in running a successful business in a great location that is situated around the corner of the Platt and Sherman Way. Occupying an area of 2,150 square foots this retail property has a wine-beer license together with the F.F & E. It is one of the most expensive restaurants in that busy area and costs around $175,000.


4. La Brea and Beverly Restaurant


This restaurant located to the west of the La Brea, north side of Beverly is a long time existing restaurant and is famous for its Labanese food. It has a great exposure around the city and also gives a good return as it is on the street frontage. With both interior and exterior seating, it has been renovated to best suit in a busy street that are close to temples and shops. It covers an area of around 1,800 square foots and is marked with the price of $250,000.


5. The famous Dumpling Restaurant

This restaurant is located in the Korean town in Los Angeles and is even showcased on CNN. With a simple menu and low cost food, it mostly serves Asian dish to several international customers. With over monthly sales of $60,000, this retail restaurant has occupied around 1,000 square foot and is priced $260,000. It supplements greatly to the commercial real estate residents, offices of the county and facilitates people with home delivery of cooked items.


6. The Cork Restaurant


Priced $2,200,000 and spread over the area of 6,159 square foot,this retail restaurant is a popular restaurant and has a single tenacity. It has a great parking lot at its back that are owned by the owners itself. It was one of the legendary townhouse sports bar. It offers a great facility to locals as well as tourists with dining and dancing all week long.


7. The Diana’s Bakery and Coffee Shop


It does one of the most profitable business with its experience of around 25 years in the commercial real estate of the Los Angeles county. It is featured near to the Esteban Torres High School and is greatly visible with hundreds of students walking through the streets. It runs five days in a week and experiences a lot of customers that carry out local businesses. This retail property is spread in an area of 1,200 square foot and costs $110,000.


8. Golden State Bakery and Coffee


Located right on the Hollywood Blvd, this $89,000 marked coffee shop attracts a lot of clients from the local residents, clubs, schools and large organizations that are located around. It provides continental breakfast, deli lunch and real food for people going to night club. Its building is spread over an area of 1,350 square foot and also provides 5% commission split on its sale.


9. The 3601 S San Pedro St


This restaurant is located in the Southeast part of Los Angeles and is a great mixed use property. It has USC/ EXPO park and the Staples Center as its neighbors. It also features a unique mix of two retail units and ten residential blocks. It offers multiple tenacity and has a garden in its retail pad that is spread over the area of 6,696 square foot.


10. The Sherman Oaks Ventura Blvd


It is a great commercial real estate to invest on as it provides existing billboard income. It is on a very high profile signalized corner that covers several patio areas. It has been providing service to the customers for over 40 years and has been renovated to make improvements in the roofs. It has multiple tenacity and is priced to $2,375,000 and covers 3,142 square foot.


11. The Robota-Ya restaurant


It is a Japanese restaurant and is on a best location of the West Los Angeles. Spread over 1600 square foot, it also has a beer and wine license. It makes an overall gross income of around $50,000 per month. This finest restaurant that attracts tourists mostly is priced with $100,000 and offers a commission split of 2.5%.


12. The El Bar


Located on the Cahuenga Blvd and close to the Universal Studios and Hollywood in Los Angeles, it has all the FF and E and the different 48 liquor license. The restaurant has been renovated completely with great atmosphere inside. This retail restaurant for sale is one of the most expensive restaurants in that area which is marked with a price of $200,000 for spreading in an area of 1,265 square foot.


13. The Prime Silverlake Restaurant


This is one of the very well known commercial restaurant that operated pizzeria for many years. It has a great frontage with dual access points. It provides around 1,450 square foot of area and is covered with beautiful patio that features a commercial kitchen for the restaurant. It provides metered parking on the streets and also has a beer and wine license together with highly visible signage on the property. It is on a landmark location and is priced for $1,895,000.


14. Hollywood area restaurant


The Hollywood area restaurant is located in the Hollywood area, Echo Park and the Los Feliz in the Los Angeles county. It is a very unique restaurant with great external dining facility together with entertainment area. It makes an yearly sale of around $3.2 Million. It also has a 47 liquor license. It has good parking and valet facility and offers private dining for VIPs. Spread in an area of 11,00 square foot, it is priced $1,675,000. It offers a great facility for the locals and tourists specially.


15. The Parish restaurant

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This is one of the finest real estate property located on the Spring St and Main St. that provides excellent commercial opportunity for investors in the downtown part of Los Angeles. The location is permitted with type 47 liquor license and has already made a great investment on the site. This retail investment type restaurant has occupancy of 100% and a cap rate of 6%. Covering an area of 5,359 square foot, this restaurant is priced $3,200,000.


16. The Korean Restaurant


It is located on the Korea town and has a very good reputation among loyal customers. It makes a lot of profit on its sales with huge potential of growth. This $490,000 restaurant for business for sale covers an area of 3,000 square foot and offers a commission split of 4%.


17. The 5 Days Cafe


This restaurant that opens for only 5 days in a week is located on a very fine location of developed commercial real estate of Los Angeles. It can be run on short hours and attracts great potential for growth because of its high traffic in the neighborhood and excellent visibility. It provides an excellent opportunity to take advantage of this outstanding business. Located in an area of 1,000 square foot, this restaurant costs $159,000.


18. 5 Day Organic Food Restaurant


Priced $115,000 with a building size of 650 SF, it is also on an excellent location of the Los Angeles county that experiences high foot traffic and loyal customers. It already has made a very good reputation in the neighborhood and can be the best real estate opportunity for owner operator.


19. Pizza in Highrise


It is located on the first floor of the highrise building in Los Angeles and is on a high foot traffic and good visibility area. It is also good for owner operators as it mostly gets steady customers. With a commission split of around 4% it offers to the price of $320,000, the building size is 1,200 square foot.


20. The Shop


This restaurant of the Liberty Court is one of the most expensive restaurants in the Los Angeles county with the price of $7,075,000 and is spread in a commercial retail unit of 9,903 square foot. It is located in a Financial district and is largely dominated by Class A office towers that has a lot of banks, law firms and real estate companies. This restaurant provides a great customer base for its real estate.


21. The Evergreen Takeout


Originally built in 1984, it is one of the finest and most renowned Cafe restaurant of Los Angeles. With over 900 square foot of restaurant building, it has 2 kitchen areas that supports stainless steel vent hoods and fire sprinklers. It offers a great roof seating and a roof garden. Addition parking facility makes this place a great real estate that is worth $375,000.


22. The Coffee and Hookah Restaurant


It is located on the Los Angeles, CA and makes a great gross sales of $30,000 in a month and a whopping monthly net income of $11,000. It has a full kitchen facility required for any retail restaurant. It covers an area of 1,000 square foot and is available for a affordable price of $210,000.


23. Franchise Chicken and Pizza restaurant


It is also one of the most expensive restaurants in Los Angeles county that makes monthly sales of around $80,000 with a net income of $20,000 a month. It has options to sepate from Franchise. It also has been credit to serving draft beer and has a POS system as well. It is spread in an area of 1,200 square foot and cost $3,45,000.


24. Fast Food Stand


It provides great kitchen and a patio area together with a parking lot. It has a great structure with equipment that are always maintained. It has a great visibility to the Alhambra ave and the alley. It makes good sales from the residential area, and pedestrians crossing the busy streets. With just an area of 361 square foot, it is priced $3,25,000.


25. The Westside restaurant and Bar


Spread in a large area of 2,500 square foot, the Westside restaurant and bar is located on a high profile residential and commercial area. It has full kitchen and bars with 47 license. It offers a large parking on the back of the restaurant. It also provides long term lease options. With the price of $275,000, it is also counted as one of the most expensive restaurants in the commercial real estate of Los Angeles county.


Final Thoughts


Restaurants provide great benefit to the commercial real estate of Los Angeles.  As the county is very much developed and possess urban areas only, there are a lot of wide prospects for development in different industries, science and technologies. This has provided great real estate opportunities for restaurants to operate their business and provide service to different local and international people. So, these top 25 most expensive restaurants in the Los Angeles county has helped in the economic growth as well as different other opportunities for commercial real estate in Los Angeles County.


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