Tarzana Real Estate


Tarzana Real Estate Facts and Information

Yes, it’s really called Tarzana!
Tarzana is termed after the memorable storybook jungle hero Tarzan. In fact, Tarzana is an acknowledgment to Tarzan’s amazing creator, Edgar Rice Burroughs.

The city of Tarzana

Tarzana is a prosperous region situated in the southern area of the San Fernando Valley, of Los Angeles County. As far as geography goes, Tarzana is surrounded by Woodland Hills to the west, Encino to the east, Reseda to the north, and Monica Mountains to the south. Demographically, Tarzana has around 36,000 inhabitants with a median income of $74,000.
Economically rich and culturally blossoming, most of the residents of this attractive town live in the foothills of the Santa Monica-Mountains south of Ventura Boulevard. In this vicinity, there are two golf courses, El Caballero and Braemar Country Club. The town is popular for its unusual dishes, language training organizations, and independent booksellers. On the whole, Tarzana is a vivacious and inviting town to live in, with every amenity and resource envisioned for a progressive city.

Tarzana homes

Homes for sale in Tarzana consist of a multitude of styles such as:

  • Modern
  • Ranch
  • Deco
  • Spanish revival architecture-styles

Amenities include:

  • Swimming pools
  • Fireplaces
  • Attached garages
  • Backyards great for entertaining


You will find various styles of homes from smaller units designed for two-people, or three bedroom homes fitting for families. Ranches of long ago set the model for the contemporary Tarzana ranch style home, and the amount of affluence and vastness of the architecture is directly associated to the sum of money being invested. Nonetheless, the most unpretentious ranch homes have a roomy ambiance and can match-up against the more expensive homes built on the foothills. This borderline style living and broad open environment of the ranch home has remained through years of land development, and huge, rustic yards and gardens continue to be a well-known ranch aspect for more than high-median homeowners. Actually, it is normal for property owners in Tarzana.
Tarzana is not really close to anything except other gracious residential neighborhoods like Woodland Hills, Reseda, and Encino; therefore, the majority of nonresidents view the town from over the 101 Freeway-Overpass, or, via the Ventura-District when they pass through.
By no means is Tarzana impervious to architectural innovations. The conventional ranch style home is being accentuated with fresh architectural public buildings like the Encino Tarzana-Library. This luscious city still mirrors the conventional architectural approach, particularly in older sumptuous real estate chattels including impressive new properties. Landscaping is always an architectural precedence of the town’s culture. This aesthetic prerogative is obvious in the various hill and mountain vistas.

Tarzana property prices


Most property buyers in Tarzana are primarily interested in a first home. Even if it is to raise or start a family, or to invest in real estate, Tarzana is idea because it has fantastic access to the flourishing and energetic city of Los Angeles along with the various selections available in the metropolis.

Homes on average are:

  • 33 years old
  • Median value a little over $1 million
  • Median household income is $51,500
  • Owner occupied homes are 55%
  • Rental properties are 42%


Still, buyers should be aware that the median standard value of a home can be somewhat ambiguous, since home values don’t always entail liquidation. In these times of recession, spending has become sluggish; therefore most people are not liquefying their real estate assets but prefer to “bide their time.” Property prices are still high, especially for first-time buyers; however, the current trend of sluggish spending can make prices less. It’s best to get advice from an experienced real estate expert before settling for a property.

Tarzana neighborhoods

Monte-Verde Estates, Silverhawk Ridge, and Mulholland Park, are the most in demand and exclusive districts in Tarzana. The neighborhood actually escalates in exclusivity further up from Reseda to the end of Tarzana. The gated residents from the base of the hills are grand and noble and become even more so the higher up you go.
Writer Edgar Rice Burroughs purchased the most elite regions of Tarzana from LA Times publisher Harrison Gray Otis. These areas were situated at the peak of the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains. After purchasing the property, Burroughs named the area “Tarzana estates,” and later subdivided the properties. Silverhawk, Monte Verde, and Mulholland were all communities that developed from the broad range in possession of Edgar Burroughs that included the whole peak of the foothills of Tarzana.
Not to be partial to the other parts of Tarzana, the secondary pastured area north of Ventura, like Melody-Acres, symbolizes a part of the most idyllic pasturelands of any region in Los Angeles. Most who wish to live in Tarzana favor the pastured landscape, which makes Melody-Acres a very much sought after vicinity in Tarzana as well. In addition, the Braemar area is also much desired and suitable for most budgets. At the end of the day, what is clear is that Tarzana is one of the most sought-after districts in California.

The gates

Though not as well known, Tarzana encompasses a huge section of secluded and gated communities equal to Malibu-County as far as their distinctiveness and seclusion, and definitely bigger in terms lf landmass and property space. The most opulent properties rest in the gated communities in the hills where some of LA’s oldest families and richest celebrities live.
Gated communities like Braemar are situated down further on the hills, while the more exclusive homes are grouped high-up in the foothills of the Tarzana hills. These areas, Monte Verde Estates, Silverhawk Ridge, and Mulholland Park are some of the most desired in LA, and possibly in the whole United States!
At the pinnacle of all the winding-roads, up over the gated communities lies the most popular home of all, the Burroughs-Estate. Resting at the top of Mulholland-Park in the section previously called Tarzana Estates, is currently separated into a neighborhood of some the most beautiful residence in California. These homes have the benefit of:

  • HOA-Home Owners Association
  • High-tech security features
  • Attractive amenities like event rooms, luxurious recreation areas, gyms, and swimming pools

In addition, the Mediterranean weather of the region works well with the lifestyle and property values which residents are very happy to take advantage of.

Tarzana demographics


  • Tarzana has a healthy population-growth of 9.7%
  • Cost of living index of 251
  • Residence are upper middle class and above
  • Married couples equal 66.3%
  • Households with children 26.9%
  • Singles equal 33.8%
  • Males equal 50.7%
  • Females equal 49.3%


Statistics reveal a community consisting mostly of young couples, which means that people ultimately move away for later child rearing years. As a result, the town is a perfect place to meet people and marry according to the demographic and population figures. As far as ownership and property planning, Tarzana is a district where couples can discover their first home. In addition, because there are fewer families, 26.9% is persuasive enough to supply a feasible alternative for couples wanting to live in Tarzana for the long-term and raise their children.

Tarzana landmarks

The most undiscovered truth about Tarzana is actually the most obvious, it is the home of Edgar Rice Burroughs. What many do not know is that the Tarzana Ranch has been broken up and developed into some of the most stunning homes and fantastic vistas in the city; however, the crown-jewel is Burrough’s mansion, which stands as a historical landmark in all its glory. With 360 degree views in every direction from the peak of the Santa-Monica Mountains and along Tarzana’s southwestern-ridge, Burrough’s mansion is as magnificent as the Greystone-mansion in Beverly Hills, and the Hearst-Castle along the coast. It graciously rests atop the austere hills gazing out over the valley in one direction, the ocean in the other, and the Los Angeles-Basin in another. Moreover, there are a vast amount of easily accessible byways and paths to the hills.
On the property of the Burrough’s mansion is an enormous six-car garage, including a lavish ballroom that is strictly for show, along with an immense theatre and marquee, with various standard amenities used to beautify the mansion.

Relocating to Tarzana

If you are wondering when is the best time to make your move to Tarzana, practically anytime of the year will do. Nonetheless, if you are looking for the “perfect” time to move, spring or fall is idea. Wintertime can be a bit cold, with average temperatures dropping to at least 46-degrees, meaning things can get a bit chilly, especially for sunlit Los Angeles. Therefore, the warm and temperate-spring is a wonderful time to relocate right before the scorching temperatures of the summertime heat arrive.
The average temperature around mid-year is 90 degrees and this is on a daily basis; therefore, you don’t want to be caught moving in such high heat. You’d be better off relaxing by the pool when those temperatures roll around! On the other hand, after it begins to cool off and slip into the beautiful Los Angeles autumn, once again the climate becomes a favorable time for relocating. Then again, those moving from colder environments will see the worst winter in Tarzana as a picnic!
The most difficult challenge will be trying to move during the very hot summer weather. This time of the year in Tarzana should be avoided at all cost for relocating to the area. Of course, it can be done, but it will be quite uncomfortable. If you decide to “go for it” take advantage of the cool evenings or early mornings before the intensity of the sun gets too high. During rainfall, the winter in Tarzana averages around seven-inches, with an average of 27-days of precipitation. Not too much risk involved with a move during this time.
However, in Los Angeles, the rain is prone to fall in clustered-sheets; therefore, moving during a winter storm is not advised as sparse as they are. In spite of this, there is no snow to deal with, and rain will be a “drop in the bucket” to a weather weary east coaster or Midwesterner. However, it could wreck havoc on your furniture!

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What is the “True” state of the Tarzana real estate market?

In Tarzana, homes purchased as foreclosures may not be so quickly-liquefiable, even with decreased prices. This is because consumers, at this time, are not so quick to buy anything or spend money.
Consequently, anyone looking to invest in real estate in Tarzana will have to reflect deeply about holding on to those properties for a while. Due to the recession, the lower prices are attractive, and the appeal of buying houses at such cut-rate prices will create positive results later on. Nonetheless, when that will be is anybody’s guess.
At the same time, real estate is one of the steadiest investments in existence. There will always be someone willing to purchase a gorgeous home at a lowered-price. In spite of this, in today’s economy, finding the perfect buyer may take some time and sellers may not be offered the price they are asking for, especially as prices continue to fall.
When all is said and done, Tarzana is one of Los Angeles’ most stylish and desired areas, as well as being entirely full in terms of residential-lots. As far as residential real estate goes, the only means of getting into Tarzana is to buy property; there are zero lots available for building, and no profusion of subdivision that would provide mass opportunities for investors to “jump on the area property values bandwagon.” Investments now will have to be long-term, but well worth the wait.


Tarzana is overflowing with homes for sale; however, finding a property that you will fall in love with and can afford won’t be automatic. The same as with any deal, particularly real estate, attentiveness is vital. Any region must be completely researched prior to making a bid. You must always bear in mind that under the surface of a stunning property on a magnificent piece of land with an awe-inspiring view, the dilemma of structural-integrity is still more important than home-investment, management, or dwelling. Regardless of the price, no one wants to buy a “dud.” Be sure to examine a broad-range of homes and properties, properly research local services and schools to make sure you get the most for your money, regardless of the type of home you are looking for. Tarzana is an exclusive, lush market that represents a prime real estate market along the west coast and throughout the United States.