Shine Bright like a Diamond or Expensive Lifestyle

October 18th, 2013 by Diane Moore

We have decided to dedicate this article to the expensive toys and hobbies that rich people are involved in. It could be rather interesting to discover what the successful people invest their money in apart from the commercial real estate.

Shine Bright like a Diamond or Expensive Lifestyle

Shine Bright like a Diamond or Expensive Lifestyle

Expensive Toys


Who wants to be a millionaire? Well, who wouldn’t want to be one – that is the more pertinent question! With their choice of anything and everything, being a millionaire seems like all fun and games. Well, to a certain extent, it is. There are plenty of exclusive “toys” that millionaire just love to splash out on – and why not? These are the most prestigious, most expensive items that money can buy. Only the millionaires can afford them, so only the millionaires buy them. From planes, yachts, and luxury cars, to mansions, golf courses, wine estates, and even islands, the life of a millionaire truly is a grand one. So, what are these toys and which ones are the most popular among the American millionaire?


Well, let’s have a look:


Marine Craft


Buying a luxury yacht or a speed boat is probably one of the first things that a millionaire chooses to purchase. Why? Well, it is simply a matter of lifestyle. Cruising out on the open ocean offers no better feeling. It is tranquil and offers an escape from the pressures of life. For those millionaires who have worked and continue to work really hard for their riches, a yacht provides the ultimate way to unwind and relax, yet have an adventure at the same time.


For those who enjoy a little more excitement in order to unwind after a stressful week at the office, a speedboat is the answer! The exhilarating feeling of slicing through the waves with the salt water breezing against your face is enough to give anyone a new lease on life, and for the millionaire, they are able to afford this luxury every weekend, or even every evening if they like!


For some millionaires, who just cannot stand the hum drum of land living, they simply choose to live on their yacht. Take Jeff Greene for instance. He owns a 145 foot luxury yacht called Summer Wind, and he his family spend 5 months of the year on a board this floating mansion. A yacht of this size is popular among millionaires because it can accommodate up to 14 guests in lavish suits, offers huge, fancy bathrooms and plenty of the top communication systems, as well as staff.


Many of the luxury yacht owners choose to stay in the tropical island regions and then travel up and down the coast. They employ private chefs and other staff to tend to their needs whilst living aboard. So, what does a mega luxury yacht cost? Well for the caliber of Summer Wind, you are looking at anywhere between $20 and $40 million.


Then of course you get the super yachts owned by the billionaires, which cost anywhere up to $605 million, and that are larger than football fields, and even some cruise liners. Bear in mind that these costs are estimated for the building of the yachts alone and not for their upkeep or fittings.


Sweet Rides


What millionaire doesn’t own a fast, luxury, designer, magnificent automobile? Everyone has their own preference as far as cars are concerned, but the most popular of the finest cars that millionaires often go for are the Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porches, Rolls Royces, Maseratis, and Aston Martins.


These technologically superiors, expertly designed machines are what most millionaires choose to buy first and foremost when they cash in their riches. Many of the most costly cars however most people have never heard of – that’s just how exclusive they are. Additionally, many millionaires love to purchase one of a kind, limited edition models that only a few in the world will ever have the pleasure of owning. According to the latest stats, the leading cars that America millionaires like to buy (and their price tags at the time of writing this article) in order from least to most expensive are:


• Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Roadster which goes for $495,000

• Saleen S7 selling for $580,000

• Ferrari Enzo at $653,000

• SSC Ultimate Aero going for $740,000

• Leblanc Mirabeau selling for $792,000

• Lamborghini Reventon priced at $1,454,400

• Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster going for a whopping $1,882,920

• Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport jumping to an astounding $2,027,760

• Koenigsegg CCXR peaking at an impressive $2,173,950

So why do millionaires love cars? Well, cars are a status symbol and that one toy that little boys (and girls) never grow out of!


Take to the Skies


In keeping with the more “mobile” types of toys another collection that millionaires love is that of planes – namely jet planes. What good is being a millionaire, if you can’t say things like, “Don’t worry, we’ll take my private jet…” The biggest Hollywood celebrities and executives all have private jets for the mere convenience factor of getting around from one event to the next as quickly as they need to, and in style of course.


Many millionaires choose private planes based on their size and speed. It is all about getting to and from cities in a hurry, and being able to transport the few necessary passengers at the same time. This being said, the Gulfstream G550 is one of the most popular among the millionaires, due to the spaciousness, luxuriousness, and the fact that it only costs approximately $59 million.


The Airbus A319 is another model that is praised for its comfort and space, with most corporate selecting this for their jet, coming in with a price tag of around $80 million at the time of writing. The interior can be custom designed, however there are base models that are excellently furnished and offer unmatched comfort.


Moving onto the slightly larger jets, the Boeing 767, is more like a mini mansion with its own master bedroom and 30 seater dining room on board. This plane costs around $118 million. Then we get the largest jet, the Airbus A380 which is priced at an astronomical $300 million. However, most millionaires tend to stick to the more modest size planes which offer them convenience and speed, as well as a calm, easy form of travel without waiting in the ticket line.


As you can see, the most expensive toys of the millionaires include many exceptional modes of transportation, however, other toys can include gadgets and communication devices which are highly popular nowadays and which are often included in the interior designs of the above mentioned vehicles. So, why do millionaires purchase these expensive toys? Well, it is all about leisure, pleasure and expediency, but most of all – it’s because they can!


Expensive Hobbies


A hobby is a great outlet for a person to release stress, make friends, have fun or pursue a passion. There are a variety of hobbies that you can get into, ranging from simple to complex hobbies, and from low-cost ones to very expensive hobbies. Friends, co-workers and family influence the kind of hobbies you get into. While some people enjoy simple and cheap hobbies like stamp collecting, others take their hobbies seriously. In most instances, a serious hobby requires some money but there are other hobbies that really take it into a new level. With plenty leisure time on their hands and extremely large bank accounts, the rich people can engage in some of the most expensive hobbies listed below:


Collecting Art


Collecting art is regarded as the most expensive hobby and the rich people take it seriously. The price tags on different pieces of art such as paintings, sculptures and statues range from thousands of dollars to millions. Most famous art collections are found in museums. However, some are available for sale. In 2011, the Royal Family of Qatar made history by buying Paul Cezanne’s artwork entitled “The Card Players” for a whooping $250 million. While the true worth of a piece of work is priceless, collecting exquisite artworks is certainly a hobby for the rich people. Most rich people collect pieces of art to display them to their visitors.


Sky Diving


Though it is a relatively new sport, sky diving is a very expensive hobby that involves jumping from an aircraft several miles in the sky. The hobby is not for the faint-hearted and requires a lot of training. Sky diving is quite expensive since you need to purchase diving gear, pay for training and each tandem jump. One tandem jump costs approximately $250-$300 and lasts for about 1-3 minutes. Doing several tandem jumps a week may cost you several thousand dollars in a year. The hobby is very expensive considering that it lasts for a very short duration. Some rich people engage in sky diving to overcome their fear of heights.


Drag Racing


Drag racing is associated with rich people who love speed. It involves performing a burnout in order to boost the starting speed of a drag car. Drag racers attain very high speeds of about 300 miles per hour. In this light, the car fuel tanks are filled with a special kind of fuel which is a mixture of methanol and nitro-methane. The cost of purchasing and maintaining a drag car is prohibitive since a new car goes for approximately $1 million while second hand cars go for about $200,000.


Scuba Diving


Marine life is very intriguing to ocean lovers. Scuba diving can be an addictive hobby considering that the deep blue sea has numerous coral reefs and different varieties of fish. Serious scuba divers require equipment and certification which may cost about $500 and $300-$400 respectively. In addition, there are numerous diving sites which host different types of marine life. Serious scuba divers will spend large sums of money to visit as many diving sites as they can. Just like sky diving, this hobby requires training. A scuba diver visiting the Great Barrier Reef will need approximately $3000 to meet transport, lodging and diving costs.


Horse Riding


Horse riding does not sound like an expensive hobby especially because you do not need to buy a horse, which may cost over $10,000. However, learning to ride a horse is very expensive. For those rich people who buy a horse for this purpose, maintaining it is very expensive compared to maintaining a pet dog. Constructing a horse stable, hiring a worker and purchasing the horse riding supplies such as riding gear, trailer and saddles requires a huge sum of money.


Why Do Rich People Choose Expensive Hobbies?


The rich choose expensive hobbies for various reasons. Some of them choose the hobbies because they are passionate about them while other to do to show off. They also choose such hobbies because they give them opportunities to fulfill their fantasies and thrill. However, there are rich people who engage in thrilling activities such as scuba diving, sky diving, drag racing and flying to overcome their fear. Expensive hobbies also provide a person with the opportunity to experience things or situations which are not common in daily life. Some rich people engage in various expensive hobbies so that they can fit in their social class or due to influence from friends, family and co-workers.


Final Thoughts


Some wealthy people invest and spend thousands of dollars in these hobbies and toys to have fun, show off, overcome fear, to fulfill their fantasies, to release stress caused by work and other demands or to have rare experiences. Whatever the reason, these hobbies and toys require a huge bank account and motivation to become successful.


Diane is a highly-qualified translator of the English, Italian and Spanish languages. She has studied extensively in Italy and Switzerland. She writes about a variety of financial services industries including insurance. She has a love of life and a curiosity that drives her both personally and professionally.

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