Plans to Revitalize Marina del Rey

February 21st, 2013 by Tatyana Levin

Marina del Rey, a coastal community between Culver City and LAX is experiencing the effects of the growing business community in West Los Angeles.

Plans to Revitalize Marina del Rey

Plans to Revitalize Marina del Rey

Nicknamed “Silicon Beach,” a play on Northern California’s Silicon Valley, home to some of the biggest tech companies in the world such as Google and Facebook, Silicon Beach is experiencing an influx of similar technologically minded business people who are opening shop on the Westside and bringing with them all of the startup capital that they’ve got.


This business boom is also positively affecting neighborhoods surrounding the Westside, including Marina del Rey.


Plans to redevelop the community were created decades ago, but many setbacks were encountered, especially when the economy crumbled in 2007.  With such setbacks, the dreams of developers were crushed or at least postponed.


However, now that the area is experiencing an economic boost, Marina del Rey will be getting the rejuvenation that it has been waiting for.


Not only will the county and private owners be renovating private residences, they will also be rebuilding shopping centers and plazas, attracting people to eat out and go shopping in the area, which will boost the local economy even further.


Along with the shopping centers and renovated apartment complexes, there are also plans to build a seaside hotel.


This area hasn’t had big renovations since it was first developed fifty years ago.


Developers and community leaders hope that these new renovations will bring the young single businessmen and women as runoff from Silicon Beach, making this neighborhood younger.

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