Los Angeles Better Buildings Challenge

June 14th, 2013 by Tatyana Levin

Los Angeles sponsors a two year old program called the Los Angeles Better Buildings Challenge (LABBC), which is a part of the much larger U.S. Department of Energy.  This challenge, set to lower energy consumption by 20% by 2020, is set for existing commercial buildings.


However, the challenge is going better than expected, so the LABBC is increasing the challenge by upping the year to the end of 2013.


The program brings together private industry, the public sector, and non-profits to help building owners achieve this goal.


The LABBC is a way to help reduce harmful emissions that hurt the environment and pollute Los Angeles’s already heavily polluted air.  But the initiative will also greatly benefit business owners by reducing energy costs.


According to the LABBC, “Achieving this goal will significantly reduce operating costs while freeing up capital for more productive uses, enhancing tenant comfort and productivity, boosting market competitiveness, creating over 7,000 high-quality local jobs, and averting annual CO2 emissions equivalent to taking over 18,000 cars off the road.”


Reducing energy consumption will help everyone involved.


The LABBC is using a multi-lateral approach to help building owners achieve this goal such as improving building systems to be more energy efficient to working with the private sector to finance energy efficient upgrades.


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