How to Spend the Winter Holidays in a Luxury Way

December 24th, 2013 by Alisa Sava

While many Americans still follow the refrain “there is no place like home” for celebrating Christmas, others see Christmas as the perfect time for travelling and active pastime. There is a wide range of places in the USA where one can spend winter holidays. You can choose traditional destinations such as New York City and Chicago, enjoy sunny Hawaiian climate or go skiing – it is up to you. For those who want to spend holidays in a luxury way, here we suggest the best destinations and hotel amenities.

How to Spend the Winter Holidays in a Luxury Way

How to Spend the Winter Holidays in a Luxury Way

Ski Holidays in North America


North America has a number of ski areas to offer. There are four main places for ski in the USA: California, Utah, New England and the West Colorado. All these areas offer different types of resorts as well as the endless choice of hotels and living apartments. Moreover, there are a lot of chalet packages, including the private ones, which will help to make your holidays more special.


Vail, Breckenridge and Northern California are only some of the most fashionable and high-class resorts in North America.


Vail Village – a Pearl in the Rocky Mountains


Being one of the world’s premier winter destinations, Vail is situated at 8,150 feet in the heart of the Rocky Mountains in Alps. This Tyrolean-style village is a concentration of different ski haunts: from skiing and hiking to snowboarding and snowmobiling.


Where to Stay?


The world class Vail’s hotels will help to make your holiday experience truly remarkable. Ritz-Carlton Club & Residences, Four Seasons Resort Vail are the best luxury hotels that provide a high-quality service, spa and fitness facilities and individual approach for every lodging need.


Being a paradise for snow lovers, Vail provides them with:


  • Snow season from November till April
  • 7 popular back bowls: Sun Down Bowl, China Bowl, Pete’s Bowl & Earl’s Bowl, Sun Up Bowl, Siberia Bowl
  • State-of-the-art lifts (they transport 56,138 riders every hour)
  • Fine dining and active nightlife: there are more than 110 restaurants and bars for any taste and budget. You can try the elegant Game Creek Restaurant which offers a continental cuisine and first class service
  • Different types of children programs and activities; one of the most popular is Adventure Ridge
  • A breathtaking landscape and charming evening walks (by the way, Vail is a pedestrian village)


To get more info about the Vail resort, hotels and dining, please, follow the link. More interesting tips on how to spend New Year and other events and festivals in the village you can find on the homepage of Vail village.


Things to Do in Breckenridge


Known as the world class skiing resort, Breckenridge is another place in Colorado where you can spend unforgettable winter vacations. This is a perfect mountain town with a rich history.


Naturally, people come to Breckenridge to ski, and this is a good reason. With more than 2,000 acres for skiing and snowboarding, bowls and wonderful terrain parks, Breckenridge is truly a paradise for skiers and snowboarders. Apart from epic skiing, there are much more things to do in the resort. One of the most exciting winter entertainments is a famous dog sledding with Siberian Huskies.


In Breckenridge you can also enjoy Nordic skiing, ice skating, snow kiting, snow moiling and snow shoeing.


Where to Eat?


If after a long-day ski activity you finally decide to take a rest and go out, there are a variety of fashionable restaurants in Breckenridge. “Modis” is a contemporary dinner house with a classy atmosphere, elegant lighting and beautiful artworks.


Hearthstone Restaurant is also a lovely place. It is situated in historic building and offers a romantic atmosphere and magnificent views as well as fine dining.


Where to Stay?


Mountain Thunder Lodge is one of the best places to stay in Breckenridge which offers a variety of rooms and suits. In ski towns you really “get what you pay for,” and Mountain Thunder Lodge is no exception.  If you are staying for a while, spend the extra and have a true “vacation.”


Valdoro Mountain Lodge is another fashionable place to stay. Located within walking distance to ski lifts, its spacious studios, modern bedroom suits and fireplace will create a warm and comfortable atmosphere.


To find more info about the town’s events, hotels and restaurants, follow the link.


Winter California


From the north, practically all the way to the Mexican border, California offers superb snow activities and hundreds of miles of white snowing mountains providing excellent opportunities for skiing, snowboarding, skating, snow climbing. Among the most beautiful places to visit in California are Lake Tahoe, Yosamite National Park, Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort and Mount Shasta. All Californian winter resorts offer impeccable skiing and snowboarding conditions and provide the high-class amenities.


The Marriott Grand Residence Club and  the Ritz-Carlton Hotel are the best hotel options with a highly-competent approach to every client and a great choice of different recreation activities.


 Escape to Sunny Hawaiian Islands


Tropical Hawaiihas become the US’s winter-sun choice, where one can enjoy daytime temperatures of around 77F (25C) and balmy nights in February. In fact, it is hardly possible to find another place with such favorable climatic conditions in this time of year. That is why, if you miss sunny days and want to spend holidays in absolutely different atmosphere, Hawaii is a perfect place for you.


New Year is one of the most popular and fun events which is widely celebrated in Hawaii. This tropical paradise offers an exquisite range of entertainments for every traveler.


Although almost all the islands within the Hawaiian archipelago offer different holiday’s tours, Oahu and the Big Island remain the best destinations. Be sure to see a great fire show, one of the most interesting New Year traditions in Hawaii. You should also put in your calendar the following “must do” activities: a helicopter tour over the islands, snowboarding, surfing or skiing, cruise around the islands, etc.


Where to Stay?


When price doesn’t matter, there is only place to stay in Hawaii – Halekulani (Oahu). This is an oasis of calm and harmony. The hotel’s beach, Waikiki, is the best hotel beach in Hawaii. Today, this place remains renowned in the world due to its hospitality, magnificent cuisine and service.


 Four Seasons Resort Hualalai at Historic Kaupulehu is another luxury place to stay in. It offers all the services that mortals could only dream of: private pools, beautiful ocean views, a new golf course as well as delicious food. Hualalai provides its visitors with two-story bungalows, where they can cloister themselves and rest from the outside world.


Final Thoughts


Thus, there are two types of winter travelers: those that welcome cold, snowy days and so-called “snowbirds,” or travelers who seek out warmer climates when winter comes. The amount of resorts of both types in the U.S. is hard to count. The U.S. has no shortage of winter resorts: the best of them are situated in the Rocky Mountains and California. For those who fed up with cold temperatures there some other options. Hawaiian Islands are a perfect place to enjoy a sunny weather, relax and fully recharge yourself.


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