The Benefits Of Buying Commercial Real Estate In Los Angeles

One could say that buying a building for your company is a bit like painting an empty canvas. With each phone line, piece of furniture and computer, you add more brushstroke to the work of art.

The Benefits Of Buying Commercial Real Estate In Los Angeles

The Benefits Of Buying Commercial Real Estate In Los Angeles

The purpose for buying a commercial property may be to provide a base for your company or it may be utilized as an investment. Due to these factors, the various needs of the property will differ. However, the options to meet these needs can be limitless. Take into account the specific type of business and, the size of your company, and so more. Better yet, invest in a Commercial Real Estate Agent who is organized, has strong negotiation skills, and posses the tenacity to insure that your bid is the winning bid. 


The city of Los Angeles is the most populous city in the state of California, and it is the second most heavily populated city in the U.S, after New York, encompassing over 3 million people. 


Los Angeles city is the focal point of not only the Greater Los Angeles Area but of Los Angeles County. As one of the most ethnically diverse countries in the U.S., it encompasses of the metropolitan areas of Los Angeles, Long Beach and Santa Ana with a reach of over 18 million! 


Los Angeles is an international city with strengths in international trade, business, culture, entertainment, fashion, media, science, sports, education, medicine and technology, and has been ranked 9th in the International Economic Power Index and sixth in the Intentional Cities Index. Los Angeles is home to well-known institutions covering a wide range of cultural and professional fields and is also one of the largest economic engines within the U.S.


Los Angeles leads the world in the creation of video games, recorded music, television and film production, as it is the home of Hollywood. 

Los Angeles Real Estate


Having a sufficient amount of collateral is just an initial step in renting houses or buying commercial real estate in Los Angeles. A successful purchase depends on a good deal and a good commercial real estate broker or agent. 

Los Angeles Real Estate

Los Angeles Real Estate

Since there are many state and federal laws that must be followed when buying/selling commercial properties, it is important to seek the advice of a professional real estate attorney and/or firm before buying or selling commercial real estate. Sone Los Angeles real estate firms deal with premium commercial properties. Many small and middle level firms, however, handle all categories of commercial properties. What’s more, there are online resources such as here at available that can help you research, sell, or buy commercial real estate in Los Angeles.


A lawyer will complete and validate the required legal documentation. Real estate lawyer fees are normally commission based. Commission rates vary according to the reputation of the individual broker firm or according to the price of the commercial property being sold or bought.

How to Buy Commercial Real Estate Los Angeles


If you are planning to invest in real estate particularly to purchase commercial properties, you need to have a good-amount of knowledge and familiarize yourself with the conditions of the market.


Buying commercial real estates in Los Angeles can be a very good investment for your business, especially if you are looking to cut down costs by using it for your own operations instead of renting it to another person. However, before you purchase a commercial property, there are several factors that you need to consider such as, the financial status of your company and the availability of the commercial property that you have in mind. It is vital to know that these kinds of investments are usually made after careful consideration and analysis of the possible return on investment. The following steps will help you to learn how to buy commercial real estate in Los Angeles.


Analyze the risks as well as the advantages of buying commercial real estate.An advantage of buying commercial real estate in Los Angeles could be that if you are purchasing to maximize your profit on investment, it will, in many cases, give you more returns than renting.Furthermore, if your business has significant returns, you can counterbalance those at tax time by claiming the depreciation of your estate.


In addition, even though for tax purposes you can ask for depreciation, owning commercial real estate adds to the appreciation of your asset with time, which means that the capital of your company will increase.A risk of purchasing commercial property can be that the choice of location does not withstand the commercial property trends. A location that is in very high demand this year can lose all its commercial demand next year, and that affects the price of the real estate, as well as the attraction of your company if it operates from that location.

How to Buy Commercial Real Estate Los Angeles

How to Buy Commercial Real Estate Los Angeles

Another danger of investing your money in commercial property can be loss of liquidity. When a company invests millions of dollars in commercial real estate, that money  is not readily available. Even though this is not likely to be a problem when the business is good, during tough economic times it can be very difficult to sell your real estate to release your invested money.


If you are planning to lease your commercial property, it is vital to understand that renting is not always a safe form of cash flow. The tenants can delay paying their rents, or even neglect to pay their rents at all, and if you are depending on that income it can be a very stressful situation for you.

Gathering Your Team:


  • A commercial realtor will let you know when there are available commercial properties for sale in the area.
  • An attorney will help you draft any contracts pertaining to leasing or buying a commercial property.
  • An accountant will help you understand all the financial aspects and options of buying commercial property.
  • You can work with your mortgage broker to find the required funds for your real estate investment.

The Benefits and Risks Buying Commercial Real Estate in LA


Factors to consider before buying a commercial property are the condition of the property, the location, which business uses are allowed, how accessible it is to suppliers and customers, plus the possibilities that it offers for re-selling and renting. In addition, check the development plans and the zoning laws to see what types of business are permitted in that area and what types of adjustments to the city planning and the infrastructure might affect the property. It is also advisable that you do a little search in order to make sure that the property is not compromised by any pre existing agreement.

The Benefits and Risks Buying Commercial Real Estate in LA

The Benefits and Risks Buying Commercial Real Estate in LA

The Los Angeles commercial property marketplace is heating up. There are benefits of buying real estate and they include:


  • Appreciation- As with any commercial property, when the investor want to buy commercial real estate, they are hoping that its value will go up. Because most commercial real estate enjoys strong locations, they are expected to enjoy the appreciation with time. What’s more, there are several things that an owner of a commercial real estate can do to add value, such as increasing rents or reducing operating expenses. Alternatively, with a triple-net-lease, you can regularly get tenants to pay for the everyday expenditure of maintaining the property. With these 2 factors, Los Angeles commercial real estate owners can not only see appreciation, but also not have to spend a large amount of money to achieve it.


  • Cash flow- Although several investors buy apartment buildings and houses to invest in, some may end-up behind in their finances and have troubles making their mortgage payments, this seldom happens with commercial real estate. As a matter of fact, most Los Angeles commercial property loans are tied to a Debt-service-Coverage-Ratio which requires a property’ net working income to be higher than the loans’ payments, ensuring both cash flow for the owner as well security for the bank. Definitely, any investment carries the danger that its performance will depreciate, however on the whole, commercial real estate cash flows relatively well in comparison to private real estate.


  • Tax shelter- since commercial real estate appreciation is only taxed when it’s sold; it allows the commercial property owner to create equity tax free. What’s more, since you can do a 1031 exchange and evade paying tax when you sell your property, as long as you purchase more investment property, your returns are even secured at sale.


  • The commercial real estate that you buy for your own business operations usually has more space than you require for your day to day operations. You can also earn monthly income by leasing out the parts of the building that you are not using.


  • Secure investments- Investing your money in commercial real estate is a secure investment for many reasons: The tenant’s rent payment covers the biggest expense of the building, the mortgage, most or all the working expenses are paid by the tenants, most commercial rents increase with increases in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) therefore any increase you have in your expenses is usually covered by the increase in rent to the tenants, and lastly, tenant improvements are normally paid by the tenant to a large extent.


  • Location- while it used to be the idea that most LA commercial properties were located in more congested cities, you can now find real states all over Los Angeles.


  • Real estate association- Somewhat different from a typical homeowner association whereby everyone must be a member of the association. Real estate association has a board of directors elected by the real estate owners, to work with the property manager to run the day to day operations of a commercial property business. The board of directors acts to enforce all the rules and regulations and make decisions about the generally property and maintenance.


Take Aways


There is a wide variety of commercial real estate properties available in Los Angeles. All you need to do is to keep an open minded approach toward the various options available and consider all the investment opportunities that look valuable. Put in an extra effort in finding the most appropriate commercial real estate for yourself and it will surely become a worthwhile investment. If you are planning to get into real estate consider investing in commercial real estate within Los Angeles as one of your investments options.


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