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    Anyone can be a commercial real estate investor. That’s the beauty of making a real estate investment in Europe. You can invest as long as you have the money (or other people’s money), the drive, and you work within the legal parameters. You may be flush with cash and excited to plunge into the commercial […]

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    Los Angeles has about 10 million people that call it a home. It boasts around 70 miles of sandy beaches, around 4,000 square miles of land and approximately 1,000 square miles of water. Los Angeles is a very large diverse city with so many great regions to select. Commercial real estate investors in Los Angeles […]

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    Sales in the multi-family commercial real estate appear to be leading the first signs of economic recovery in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and West Hollywood real estate investment market. Investing in multi-family property is worth considering, particularly when just starting-out, since it optimizes your cash-flow by minimizing expenses and maximizing rental income. Minimized […]

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     The commercial real estate industry is one of the largest in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Culver City, Sherman Oaks, Santa Monica, Tarzana and Studio City employing millions of people in a wide variety of jobs. Of course, there are commercial real estate salespeople, brokers, and agents whose job is to bring sellers and […]

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    Immediately after the financial crisis there were talks about how people might keep off commercial real estate property for a while. However, this mentality did not last long. From East Asia, London to California, new developments and real estate property prices are red hot. This was a good exhibit of how weird and unpredictable markets […]

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    As a commercial real estate investor, thoroughly investigating specific projects in certain cities is a priority. The more research collected on particular projects will ultimately be of the utmost importance in determining their validity and potential. Commercial real estate investing is highly lucrative if you know where to look, and it is crucial to know […]

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    Commercial real estate provides a very good investment opportunity that gives you the chance to get the most out of the service resources and available trade. Additionally, it enables investors to create new and exciting networks and resources.   With accurate information and proper infrastructure, various commercial real estate investment options form a highly profitable […]