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    Commercial real estate provides people with the opportunity to make money in different ways. You can buy the property and then rent it for a continual monthly income from the rentals. There is also an option of purchasing the property, let it build equity and then sell it for a profit later on down the […]

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    Commercial real estate markets in Brazil, the Bahamas and Mexico are thriving. Many investors are flocking these markets to take advantage of their potential and numerous opportunities. The Brazil, Bahamas and Mexico real estate markets are recovering at a very fast rate than other real estate markets. Some of the reasons these markets are thriving […]

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     In this article we are going to discuss one of the top notch commercial real estate destinations that attract people from all over the world with its wide range of opportunities. We are talking about the France and Italy this time. So, what makes these two countries so special? Do they really worth the efforts? […]

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     Commercial real estate is a fast growing business, and California is not left out. California is the hub of entertainment (Hollywood), hi-tech development (Silicon Valley, wine-making (Sonoma and Napa Valley) and agricultural production (Central valley). The state of California has the strongest economy in the US, and if it’s seen as a separate nation, it’s […]

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    Are you looking for shared workpace and commercial real estate in California? Some of the most diverse and ideal options for co-working are located in California.   Here is a list of 27 flexible work spaces in California including Makeshift Society, Mission*Social, Comfy Chair, The Hatchery, 1769, StartupHouse, YetiZen Innovation Lab, 2431 Mission, Net.Workspace, Second […]

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     More superstars than anywhere else live in California, home of Beverly Hills and Hollywood, right where all the exhilaration is. Actually, Hollywood Hills is considered to be the best place to have a house by many celebs than anywhere else. Stars with homes here are afforded privacy thanks to its distant nature, its narrow, crisscross […]

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    There has been a resurgence of office space construction projects in the US in 2013 in spite of the slow recovery of the economy. The growth in the commercial real estate market may not have a great impact nationwide, but some metropolitan areas are witnessing a mini-boom in new office space construction projects. According to […]