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    Foreign investors are displaying an increasing appetite for commercial real estate ventures in some northern countries, such as Norway and Latvia. A sign that the gradual improvement of the European economy is being shown, and that’s why in this article we are going to discuss exactly these two promising countries. Commercial Real Estate in Norway […]

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    Concerns about overbuilding in the multifamily sector are not new. But based on the number of new developments springing up from all key markets, it looks like developers aren’t worried. Construction activity is still high compared to 2009 levels, and it appears that there are no signs of slowing down. But should developers be threatened […]

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    Despite the slow recovery of the US housing market, steady growth is expected for the commercial sector. Investors are feeling more optimistic, and capital goes wide as foreign firms pump their money into US properties. An increased buying activity has been observed in commercial real estate. Firms and investors from Canada, South Korea, China, and […]

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    The American commercial property market has become the desired piece of pie not only for American, but foreign investors. Investors from Singapore, South Korea, Israel, China and many other nations are accelerating purchases in the US real estate as rebounding prices along with an improvement in the economy are luring yield-hungry purchases from foreign shores. […]

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    The rising popularity of green buildings can be construed as the real estate industry’s way of addressing environmental concerns. As defined by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a “green building” is a structure created through environmentally responsible and resource-efficient processes. This may be a simple definition, but it is hardly so. In order to […]

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    What Asian countries are the champions in the real estate? Who turns out to be the favorite one? Where are the best Asia’s locations to invest in commercial real estate? These are the questions a potential real estate investor should ask him or herself. Every Asian country has its own market characteristics; from the rates […]

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    Purchasing or selling commercial real estate in the Middle East can often be a daunting task for investors, especially if they are unfamiliar with the local customs and legislation in a particular country. Investors will also need to have an advanced understanding of the property market in that country, and keep up-to-date with economic news […]