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    There are numerous obvious determinants that affect deals associated with commercial real estate. These include capital availability, location, supply and demand. However, there are also certain issues specific to the asset that can greatly impact transactions, such as environmental issues and the energy performance as well as physical condition of the asset.   According to […]

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    Economy experienced a retail boom in the past few years, which led to an abundance of retail stores. There was a rapid expansion of retail stores, and you could see several retail chains cropping up everywhere in the community. However, these increased number of retail chain establishments are now facing changed consumer preferences. With the […]

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    Despite the Eurozone’s economic crisis, there are two countries that remain attractive for the investors – Germany and Switzerland. But what commercial property is more stable and how to make the right step? That’s what we are going to reveal in this article.  The European Debt Crisis Means more Opportunities   It can be remembered […]

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    Many experts predict that commercial real estate will get slightly better in this year. Additional construction endeavors will slowly climb upward, operating revenue will be somewhat better, and property values will level off. Afterward, in 2014 or 2015, operating earnings and prices will both increase, generating a growth in the construction sector. The recession discouraged […]

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    Barely a day slips by without a new wave of captions concerning the commercial real estate market and its challenges.  Bank lending is limited to stellar credits. Slow growth or no growth in key areas weighs on market opportunities. Valuable classifications of tenants such as large banks and various financial companies resume cutting staff or […]

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    A significant increase in foreign investment over the past year, especially from North America and Asia has led to robust growth in the commercial real estate market in Europe, according to the latest research by CBRE, global property advisor. Europe is a highly exposed global region for cross-border property transactions and inflows from other continents […]

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    Los Angeles or Dubai? What commercial property possibilities are more beneficial? We have already heard a lot about these two commercial real estate destinations, and many investors feel a bit lost when trying to choose the right path. Therefore, in this article we are going to make the comparative analysis of Dubai and Los Angeles […]