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    California is itself one of the world’s largest economies, so it’s no surprise that there are some fantastic seller’s markets when it comes to commercial real estate. In this article, we’ll focus on Los Angeles County, and look at the top 10 seller’s markets for commercial real estate in this area. 1. Commercial office spaces […]

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    The idea of combining tourism and commercial real estate activity could be a great way for both exploring new touristic horizons and making the financial benefit from it. It is also highly important for the investor to know the top destinations where the commercial real estate investment could bring him the maximum revenue. Therefore, let’s […]

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    Most of the commercial real estate sectors in the U.S. have shown a gradual improvement in fundamentals. The relatively smaller amount of new space that is becoming available is easily getting absorbed, as the market is gradually gaining the momentum. It is expected that the economy will grow next year by 2.5% with modest job […]

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    The economy is growing, the government says. But to millions of Americans, the battle is far from over. The Great Recession may have officially ended in June 2009, but recent numbers released by the Census Bureau indicate that the country is onto another challenge. According to the bureau, 15% of Americans still live in poverty. […]

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    The apprehended winter months are making a comeback with the slowing down of real estate sales. This is the time of the year when buyers would opt to remain snuggled indoors instead of venturing out-watch a Christmas movie and eagerly wait for the onset of spring. In places where there is a lot of snowfall, […]

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    Real estate is a perpetually confined business. It has always been the tradition to “shop locally” when dealing with real estate. In order to buy, sell, lease, or build real estate, you need admission to specific information on resident customs, various regulations like zoning, ecological conditions, tax laws, market, and more. However, within the last […]

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    If you want to purchase an affordable house, then think about moving towards the Midwest. According to recent statistics, 15 out of 25 of the most affordable real estate markets are located there, whilst The Golden State contained 13 out of the 25 most expensive real estate markets in the United States. The research, carried […]