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    California remains a perfect place to park your long-term real estate investment. The Golden State’s dynamic economy, skilled workforce, cutting-edge technology and commitment to the clean energy future make this region an attractive tit-bit for real estate business. It is believed that commercial real estate in California will keep growing for the next three years. A […]

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    According to the economic forecasts, American real estate market will gain the highest point of its recovery in 2014. Rising mortgage rates, growing industry sector, favorable demographics and high customers’ demand – these are the main trends of the coming year. At first glance, most of them are similar to those of previous years. But, […]

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    2014 is expected to be a fruitful year for the real estate market. Despite the expected Federal tapering of the bond-buying program and mortgage rates rise, investors will see a lot of new business opportunities in the coming year. The sales volume growth and improving of lending conditions assure future economic uplift and business confidence. […]

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    Selling commercial property is a longstanding process which requires patience and clear understanding of the main selling techniques. Here, we endeavor to create a guide to help you to optimize your selling process. The principal difference between residential and commercial property is the way they are valued. Commercial property is seen as an investment, that […]

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    While many Americans still follow the refrain “there is no place like home” for celebrating Christmas, others see Christmas as the perfect time for travelling and active pastime. There is a wide range of places in the USA where one can spend winter holidays. You can choose traditional destinations such as New York City and […]

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    “Genuine optimism is in the air as a major theme in the real estate market for 2014 shifts due to trends making considerable progress through the fiscal and real estate recovery rotations,” according to a leading real estate advisor. The stable financial recovery and job development has generated a positive shift in the direction of […]

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     They may be located in different sides of the globe, but Canada and Australia seem inseparable because of their similarities. Canada has an urbanization rate of 81% while Australia has 89%. Both speak English, both were once under colonial rule, and both are sparsely populated especially in their major cities. Yet, there are important differences. […]