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    Various services required in commercial property like cooling in summer, warmth in winter, lighting, electronic entertainment, water heating, refrigeration, cooking and computing require considerable usage of energy-around 40 quadrillion Btu (quads) every year. The consumption of energy in commercial buildings has been growing exponentially over time. Currently, the 4.7 million commercial buildings and 114 million […]

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     The costs of remodeling are plummeting, to the delight of property owners who have the affording capability to make improvements to their commercial real estate. Remodeling expenses have fallen by 10-15% in the last five years even when the cost of materials have gone up by 17%, according to Sal Aflano, editorial director at Remodeling […]

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    Tie ups between foreign investors and real estate investment managers are anticipated to grow rapidly in the coming days, as investors across the globe are chasing the commercial real estate market in the US. South Koreans, Singaporeans, Norwegians, Canadians and Israelis are speeding up the purchases of US real estate as the rebounding prices and […]

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    Spring and summer are considered to be the best sales seasons for commercial real estate, however winter can undoubtedly be a purchaser’s market. If you take up the pain of moving around during your holidays, winter can be an excellent time to carry out your property search. Even though the winter season may not provide […]

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    After being at the prominence for housing distress during the period of downturn, California is on its way of the housing market recovery. Resale coupled with new home inventories have declined to all-time lows. The prices are surging. Fast sales and multiple offers have become more common in the desirable neighborhoods of the state. Even […]

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    Being one of the top international real estate markets, the US provides favorable conditions for those who are eager to invest in property. This year, the industrial sector has risen to the number one category for investment and development, leaving behind hotel, multifamily, office, retail and health-care real estate. The majority of experts share optimistic […]

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    Commercial property rentals are different from residential ones. Usually a tenant rents commercial property for three or five years. The amount of money at stake is substantial, that is why choosing trustworthy tenants is very important and could determine the overall success of investment. Any commercial property owner is looking for tenants who consistently pay […]