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    The value of the average house in the U.S. in December, 2013 was $169,100, according to real estate website However, the houses of professional athletes are anything but average. Looking for sustainable income, more and more famous sport stars have jumped into real estate business and invest the lion’s share of their fortune in […]

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    The long-expected Sochi Winter Olympic Games’ officially began last Friday. These Games are expected to be one of the most expensive in the history. The astronomical sum of money spent on the organization will hardly influence the overall economic situation in Russia. However, it may create a longstanding legacy for the city of Sochi, attracting […]

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    Carlos Slim Helú has become the first person from a developing country to top the world’s richest people listed in Forbes Magazine. Today, Carlos Slim is worth approximately $69 billion. He also has a stake in the New York Times and owns numerous financial, banking and real estate companies. A native of Mexico and of […]

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    Amancio Ortega is a Spanish real “slumdog millionaire” he was born in a poor Spanish family, started his business in 37 years and became one of the wealthiest men on the planet. In 2013, Forbes named Amancio Ortega the third richest man in the world. Many people have never heard about Amancio Ortega, but almost […]

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    Alice Walton, Sam and Helen Walton’s youngest of four children, is one of three heirs to the world-famous corporation WalMart. She is the second richest woman in the USA with a fortune of $33.5 billion. However, today Alice Walton is no longer just a WalMart co-owner. She has become a prolific art collector and philanthropist […]

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    With today’s changing climate, the bitter cold and snowstorms have become frequent guests in much of America. Such weather conditions pose unique problems to commercial building owners. Freezing or bursting pipes, roof damage caused by snow and ice are only some of the hazards that could damage property in wintertime.   When preparing your property […]

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    As one of the top international real estate markets, the US provides favorable conditions for those who are eager to invest in hotel property. Hotel development will continue to flourish as there is a huge demand in this sector from the growing tourism industry and business travel.   “Travel and tourism to the United States […]