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     Determining what type of commercial property to invest in can be one of the hardest parts of the investment process.  There are so many different types of properties to choose from that narrowing down from so many choices to just one can be practically impossible, especially if this is your first time investing in commercial […]

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    When you look at the world’s most expensive hotels, you realize that exclusive and unique experiences come at a cost. Hotels are commercial real estate properties that usually come at higher prices as compared to residential commercial properties. On the other hand, the appreciation in rent happens at a significantly higher rate. Most of the […]

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    Commercial real estate is all about taking the right decision. Hence, it is highly important to take them mindfully and consider various commercial real estate factors. Lately, it has become extremely important to be aware of the latest home building tendencies, concepts and design to make the desired high ROI. Those investors who are keen […]

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    Healthcare is regarded as one of the basic needs of people living in the United States of America as people have become very much careful regarding their health and nutrition. Over the past few years, a number of different healthcare and medical real estate systems in the USA have found different ways to manage the […]

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     The US is a beautiful country which hosts some of the world’s most expensive neighborhoods and commercial real estate properties. A large number of affluent and famous individuals reside in these neighborhoods. Notably, some of the most expensive neighborhoods are adjacent to areas where the less affluent people in the society live. However, most people […]

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      Parking is not glamorous by anyone’s standards.  To park, or rather to find parking is a chore, a necessary evil, and sometimes a very difficult (and expensive) to find, much to the dismay of basically every driver in the city.   And the actual act of parking, fitting into sometimes ill-fitting spots next to […]

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     The commercial real estate market in Los Angeles has been improving over recent months amidst the increase in rental tariffs and the new concept of creative spaces that are being introduced throughout much of the county, which is making the retail sector highly competitive.   In central Los Angeles, large office buildings and retail spaces […]