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    In this article we have decided to gather up tow main cities, located within the borders of Los Angeles County and describe more precisely the peculiarities of their commercial real estate projects and the reasons of their profitability for the investors. Studio city   Studio City is a remarkable neighborhood located in the San Fernando […]

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    Santa Monica has been a sedate side for decades with a bare minimum number of businesses planning to open here. However, lately things seem to have changed with the commercial real estate sector in the region making a huge leap in terms of new constructions and improvement on the old ones. Here’s a list of […]

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    Commercial real estate shows signs of improvement at a moderate pace with the office market witnessing occupancy growth as well as rent hikes, as mentioned by Jones Lang LaSalle. Industrial space is also in an expansion mode as the number of deliveries has increased compared to the previous years. There is more absorption in the […]

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    Investing in commercial real estate is a big business among America’s elite. For the rich and famous, opening numerous investment portfolios is like a child’s play, and for many influential businessmen, property investing simply becomes part of their M.O. so to speak. “The rich get richer” isn’t just a saying. It came about due to […]

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    During the pinnacle of the economic downturn, an excess of 700 construction projects were kept in the backburner across New York City, as reported by the city’s Department of Buildings. Several properties faced foreclosure while others devised ways and means of utilizing their vacant space. After three years, construction work has made a massive surge […]

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    Los Angeles county offers one of the most dynamic dining facilities for local residents as well to the tourists that covers almost everything taking from the streets to big 5-star restaurants. Different California cuisine to organic ingredients, dine LA Restaurant Week to food trucks, Los Angeles provides great influence to one of the best culinary […]

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    We have decided to dedicate this article to the expensive toys and hobbies that rich people are involved in. It could be rather interesting to discover what the successful people invest their money in apart from the commercial real estate. Expensive Toys   Who wants to be a millionaire? Well, who wouldn’t want to be […]