Big Names, Big Dreams of Stardom

April 30th, 2013 by Tatyana Levin

Tumblr, the popular blogging platform, has recently signed a lease and opened up an office in Culver City.  Headquartered in New York City, this is Tumblr’s first foray into the west coast.

Big Names, Big Dreams of Stardom

Big Names, Big Dreams of Stardom

Now many companies expand and open up offices in different parts of the country with a localized staff like a sales team or an engineering department.  The interesting choice is where Tumblr chose to open their new office.


As mentioned in previous blog posts, Northern California is a huge tech hub where many tech companies and start-ups are located.  And social media is a part of the tech world.


In fact, both Twitter and Facebook, the social media giants, are headquartered in Northern California.


Although Tumblr isn’t strictly a social media platform, it is a blogging tool and is used in the same way as many forms of social media.  So it would stand to reason that if Tumblr would want to open an office on the west coast, they would do so in the Bay area, but instead they chose Los Angeles.


Rather than choosing to be close to the start-up and social media community, Tumblr says that they want to be close to Hollywood.


Hollywood draws in business; there is no doubt about that, but Hollywood doesn’t usually attract industry like this.  The film industry has a certain sub sect of other industries (writers, special effects, etc.), but tech hasn’t really been on that list until Tumblr.


This new interest that Tumblr has in celebrity can prove to be an interesting and useful alliance for both parties, and it will certainly benefit Los Angeles as well as the people interested in investing in commercial property in the city.


The more industry that comes to Los Angeles and that needs to be in Los Angeles, the more investment opportunities are available.


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