Asian Investments Increase

June 28th, 2013 by Tatyana Levin

And the trend continues.  China and other Asian countries continue to take an active interest and role in development in U.S. commercial real estate.

Asian Investments Increase

Asian Investments Increase

Asian investors help build commercial buildings and help project that have been stalled or postponed get completed.  Asian investments in the U.S. are, in fact, at an all-time high already.


Some say that this investment is happening because China has relaxed some of its regulations on foreign and especially American investing, opening up the channels for China to participate in America’s real estate investments.


However, there have been recent concerns that funds for Chinese investors will be less available because interest rates are increasing (as they are beginning to do in America as well) and Chinese banks are making it increasingly harder to borrow money because of increased restrictions from banks.  Investments are risky after all.


But according to the Wall Street Journal, Asian, and especially Chinese, investors invest with a long term plan in mind.


This means that although the ebbs and flows of Asian investing may not be premeditated, but there seems to be a bigger plan in play.


China has many more millionaires and billionaires than the United States does, so they have plenty of money to spend on foreign investments if they choose to.


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