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August 8th, 2013 by Tatyana Levin


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The life insurance company MetLife Inc. has created a new real estate investment platform that partners with Sun Trust Banks.  MetLife will originate the mortgages and Sun Trust Bank will fund them.  The partnership is meant to utilize the strengths that each of these massive companies have cultivated independently.


Each company has strong ties to their communities which in the commercial real estate industry make for better and more thoroughly researched investments.


Although this partnership works only for the commercial real estate properties that are managed by MetLife commercial real estate investors, MetLife independently funds commercial real estate mortgages for private citizens.


This partnership between MetLife and Sun Trust Bank may very well show a desire for MetLife to expand their commercial real estate investment division as they are also expanding their available capitol, and this is a potentially good sign for interested investors.


It has been harder to get any kind of loan since the start of the economic crisis because lending has become riskier, and now it is all the much more regulated with more oversight.  But fewer loans for home buyers, investors, and small business owners have continued to hurt the economy, so restrictions are being loosened to address this problem.


And it seems that this partnership is further proof that lenders want and are willing to lend money to investors.


So if you are looking to invest, this is good news for you.  The more channels there are for funding and the more open lenders are to funding, the better chances you have to secure a property that you want.




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