A More Interesting New Leaf for the Commercial Real Estate Industry

July 26th, 2013 by Tatyana Levin


There is a push to reinvent the commercial real estate industry for the new generation.


Traditionally the commercial real estate industry has been lackluster.  With paperwork, investment analyses, and lawyers, one might think that such an industry can never be exciting enough that the general non-investing public might care about, but it seems like the industry is headed in that direction.


According to Businessweek, a small company that started in New York but has since expanded to cities, the land of large and expensive corporate towers and limitless investment opportunities, has decided to make over the industry by making the players a little more three dimensional and even talking about their personal lives, much like a gossip column.


What makes this different from other industry insider publications is that it is run by newly minted college graduates who have a significantly different take on marketing, publicity, and professionalism which makes the idea all the more fun.


Although the company, Bisnow, has been around since 2005, they are continuing to come up with other ways to shake up the industry.  One of the suggestions was to give agents jet packs.


This may have been a joke, but having that kind of perspective sure would give agents a serious competitive advantage.


Not only do they provide content, they also put on events for commercial real estate agents.




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