10 Most Popular Seller’s Markets in Los Angeles

December 18th, 2013 by Diane Moore

California is itself one of the world’s largest economies, so it’s no surprise that there are some fantastic seller’s markets when it comes to commercial real estate. In this article, we’ll focus on Los Angeles County, and look at the top 10 seller’s markets for commercial real estate in this area.

10 Most Popular Seller's Markets in Los Angeles

10 Most Popular Seller’s Markets in Los Angeles 

1. Commercial office spaces


Although L.A has a strong manufacturing industry, it’s office space can be the most lucrative and fast selling commercial property market for investors. It’s also one of the industries with the lowest barriers for entry, with office space being one of the most affordable commercial real estate markets. Office space is a very diverse sector, and even industries like metal fabrication may have offices separate to their main business premises. So if you’re holding onto office space, or you wish to buy it, you can sell it almost instantly to the variety of industries.


Office space can also be used by small technology companies, such as software development houses that do not require large server rooms. It’s not uncommon to see 5,000 square foot office premises selling for $800,000. 

10 Most Popular Seller’s Markets in Los Angeles

Commercial office spaces


If we imagine that you could charge $25 dollars per foot, per year, which is not unusual for such a property – then that’s a potential income of $125,000 per annum. That’s a fantastic return for the investment. There’s very few secure investments you could make that would be likely to get such a good return on your money within a year. So for this reason, commercial office space is our number one in the seller’s market.

2. Retail spaces


Retail is the second most important sector in our list when it comes to the top seller’s markets. L.A residents love to shop. This includes various fashion boutiques that are prevalent in the county that the rich and famous love to visit. These well-known faces set the trends for millions of people worldwide.


Though properties in desirable shopping districts will be very pricey – especially in places like  Beverly Boulevard – so are the leases on a boutique shop. The great thing about commercial real estate is that it’s unlikely to depreciate, but especially unlikely to depreciate when it’s in a desirable area.


Retail establishments in these places will always be sought after. If you’ve been lucky enough to inherit a shop or you’re closing your business, it should not take long at all before you find a buyer, and you can pretty much name your price when it comes to the better locations.

3. Mall spaces


Mall space is often one of the more lucrative purchases and tends to sell or find a tenant very quickly. Mall space can be surprisingly affordable and can be multi-purpose. A space in a mall can be sold to a cookie shop, or a shop that sells teddy bears with the minimal amount of investment on the part of the buyer or tenant.

10 Most Popular Seller’s Markets in Los Angeles retail

Mall Spaces

4. Clothing spaces


Apparel manufacture is often tied with computers and technology, being one of L.A’s biggest job providers. In 2003 there were 68,000 jobs reliant on the manufacture of clothing within the county.


There is a big number of various  properties in this sector, from the small boutique fashion house that carries out in-house tailoring, to the large clothing production line. Meaning that even the small-scale investor can sell properties in this sector relatively easy. A small fashion boutique could be purchased for the cost of a home. It is indeed one of the best seller’s markets, as properties are unlikely to remain on the market for very long before being snapped up.

5. Technological properties


Another major sector in L.A is technology. Although, many of these companies can work from the office, some of these companies may need the capability of large server rooms with cooling systems installed. This will usually need at least one room with a large, open-plan floor space to install these servers and keep them cool.

Technological properties

Technological properties


This could be software companies that offer cloud storage as part of their product, or a gaming development company which requires servers for online gaming.

6. The fine dining properties


The fine dining in the county is one of L.As hallmarks. Commercial properties with kitchen areas always find a buyer very quickly, as setting up a restaurant is  probably one of the most popular dreams among the L.A. residents. 

dining properties

The fine dining properties


It isn’t just the preparation of food that is important to L.A, but also its production. Factories for food production will always be relevant for the buyers as well.

7. Car service space


L.A has a lot of cars on the roads, and cars need fuel and servicing. Some of the garages and auto-shops within the county have fallen into disrepair and can be purchased and kitted out very cheaply. Particularly if you know what you’re doing. As with the production of vehicles within the county, servicing and fitting components to vehicles is a strong sector of industry that many people aspire to.


The trend of modifying a vehicle with tinted windows, alloy wheels and electronics, is very popular within the state of California. Ramps, pits, air compressors and other essential items can be fitted to make the property ready to move into for a fast sale. A 1,500 square foot garage could cost  you between $700,000 to $2 million.  So if you know what you’re doing, you could turn a run-down old garage into a very profitable investment and sell it very fast.

 8. Tourism properties


Properties suitable for tourism also sell very quickly. It’s been one of the L.A’s fastest growing industries for more than decades. Beachfront properties in particular can be snapped up by buyers as soon as they are placed on the market. So it’s a fantastic seller’s market. Of course, when it comes to residential properties in these areas, you may be able to convert them into hotels and sell them for a large profit.

9. Financial properties


As we mentioned early on in the article, California itself is one of the World’s largest economies. It’s actually the 12th largest,  which makes L.A a very important financial sector and an important seller’s market. The financial district is highly popular among the banks, venture capital firms, hedge funds and other types of financial businesses.

financial properies

Financial properties


There are a lot of advantages for them when it comes to being located in the financial district, that allow to easily deal with local companies, hire employees from other firms and benefit from the prestige of the area. The district itself is located in Downtown L.A in a redeveloped area of Bunker Hill. If you own or are looking to own a property in this area, you will find a buyer.

10. Fitness spaces


Leisure is a big part of L.A lifestyle,  especially fitness. If you want that L.A-sculpted, movie star body –  you’re going to have to work for it. And there are tens of thousands of people who do so on a daily basis. Gyms, swimming pools, indoor sports venues and other sports and leisure related buildings are bound to sell quickly on the commercial real estate market.

fitness center

Fitness Spaces


It’s also possible to buy other buildings and convert them into gyms very easily. For example; there’s a worldwide trend at the moment of converting old offices into gyms and other types of fitness studios such as yoga studios. Transforming a building into a gym is more likely to lead to a very quick sale.

Although that trends change all the time, but if you look at the popular industries within the county at any given time, it will give you a good indication of which markets are the strongest seller’s markets. Remember, a high qualified commercial broker may help you out when choosing the right commercial property for your business.


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